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Precious stones
Semi-precious stones
Technical information
History of the stones
Characteristics :
Crystal structure : Orthorhombic Composition : Ferrous magnesium silicate
Specific gravity : 3.27-3.37 Hardness : 6.5-7
Refractive index : 1.654-1.690 Birefringence : 0.036
Variety : Pleochroïsm : very weak (pale green, vivid green)
Cut : Round  Emerald  Cabochon  Marquise  Ceylan
When a stone is too dark, it is possible to clear up it while bringing it up to incandescence.
There are two rather rare varieties: the star peridot and the peridot cat's eye.
Rough stone

History :
The noun peridot is of unknown origin. The peridot is also called Chrysolite and Olivine.
The largest peridot cut in the world weighs 310 cts.
Rough cordierite

Deposits :
The countries having deposits are :
Pakistan Important The best quality Only since 1990
Zebirget island (Red sea) Important   Worked since 3500 years
Burma Important    
United states Important    
South Africa Medium    
Brazil Medium    
Australia Medium    
Zaire Medium    
Norway Medium