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Technical information
History of the stones
Characteristics :
Crystal structure : Hexagonal Composition : Aluminium and beryllium silicate
Specific gravity : 2.67-2.71 Hardness : 7.5-8
Refractive index : 1.577-1.583 Birefringence : 0.006
Variety : Béryl Pleochroïsm : distinct (pale blue, azure blue)
Cut : Round  Emerald  Cabochon  Marquise  Cushion  Pear

Its colouring is due to iron. Its much sought-after colour is major blue, but by heating it at more than 400°, one manages to give this deep blue to stones of less quality.
We find inclusions in aquamarine in the shape of small channels: according to their frequencies, they can cause a cat's eye effect and even more rarely an effect of asterism.
It belongs to the group of beryls just like her famous cousin the emerald.
Attention for the owners of aquamarine: it is a stone sensitive to the shock!
Aigue-marine brute

History :
Aquamarine takes one's name from its "ocean" color: that's why this stone is an amulet for the sailors !

Deposits :
The countries having deposits are :
Brazil     Record: 110.5 kg for an aquamarine of jewellery quality!