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Forbidden terms
We find still nowadays, in the trade or reviews, stones attach wrongly to a name which makes confusion on the nature of the stone: they are forbidden terms. Obviously, it is interdict to use them!

Here is a list:

Forbidden terms
True name
Brazilian aquamarine Blue topaz
Eastern aquamarine Pale blue sapphire
Siam aquamarine Blue zircon
Synthetic aquamarine Synthtic spinel
Blue alexandrite Sapphire
Eastern amethyst Purple spinel
Chrysolite aquamarine Green-olive beryl
Chrysolite of Brazil Chrysoberil or Tourmaline
Chrysolite of Cape Green prehnite
Chrysolite of Bohemia Moldavite
Chrysolite of Saxony Topaz
Chrysolite of Siberia Demantoide
Diamond of Alaska Rock crystal
Diamond of Alençon Smoky quartz
German diamond Rock crystal
Diamant of Arkansas Rock crystal
Diamond of Bohemia Rock crystal
Diamond of Ceylon White zircon
Diamond of Dauphiné Rock crystal
Marmarosch diamond Rock crystal
Matura diamond Rock crystal
Mexican diamond Rock crystal
Diamond of Rennes Rock crystal
Diamond of Saxony Colourless topaz
Diamond simili Glass
Diamond strass Glass or Quartz
Diamond of Tasmania White topaz
Emerald of Africa Green fluorite
Emerald of Brazil Green tourmaline
Emerald of Cape Green prehnite
Copper emerald Dioptase
Lithic emerald Hiddenite
Eastern emerald Green sapphire
Emerald of theUral Demantoide
Emerald of Siberia Green tourmaline
Garnet of Bohemia Pyrope
Syrian garnet Purplished red garnet
Eastern Hyacinthe Pink sapphire
Jade of America Green vesuvianite
Corean jade Serpentine
Mexican jade Aventurine
Jade of Pakistan Green calcite
Jade of Transvaal Green vesuvianite
Jargon Red zircon
German lapis lazuli Jasper tints in blue
Swiss lapis lazuli Jasper tints in blue
Opal of Ceylon Moon stone
Blue moon stone Chalcedony
Ruby of Adélaïde Pyrope
Ruby of Alabanda Garnet almandite
Ruby almandite Red pink spinel
Ruby of America Pyrope
Ruby of Arizona Pourpre
Ruby of Bohemia Pyrope ou pink quartz
Ruby of Brazil Pink topaz
Ruby of California Pyrope
Ruby of Cape Pyrope
Ruby of Ceylon Garnet almandite
Ruby of Montana Grossularite
Ruby of Siberia Red tourmaline
Ruby spinel Red spinel
Sapphire of Brazil Blue topaz
Water sapphire Cordierite
Eastern sapphire Blue tourmaline
Sapphire spinel Blue spinel
Sapphire topaz Yellow sapphire
Spinel almandite Garnet almandite
Spinel of Arizona Pyrope
Spinel of Candy Garnet of Ceylon
Starlite Blue zircon
Topaz of Bahia Citrine
Topaz of Bohemia Citrine or heated amethyst
Topaz of Scotland yellow quartz
Topaz of Spain Citrine or heated amethyst
Smoky topaz Smoky quartz
Indian topaz Citrine or heated amethyst
Topaz of Madeira Citrine or heated amethyst
Eastern topaz Yellow sapphire
Topaz of Palmyre Citrine or heated amethyst
Topaz quartz Citrine
Topaz of Rio Grande Citrine
Royal topaz Orange sapphire
Topaz of Salamanque Citrine or heated amethyst
Topaz Serra Citrine or heated amethyst
Turquoise of Vienna Alumina phosphates tints in blue